The place and time of the clinics;
2 sessions per day are:

Steve's Place Pizza
(in the Wilkinson Room)

314 F Street (Directions) at
6-7 and 7-8 PM on
Wednesday, February 4
Lamppost Pizza
1260 Lake Blvd (Map) at
6-7 and 7-8 PM on
Thursday, February 5.

AFES Network Services (AFES), Davis Community Network (DCN), and Davis Virtual Market (DVM) have many activities on the World Wide Web (web) created solely for the enjoyment and entertainment of Davis residents. There are the "Pizza Days on the Net" and the upcoming Pizza Virtual Valentine Generator and the March Election website activities. Participation requires that your web browser be properly configured. AFES, DCN and the Davis Virtual Market in conjunction with local pizza parlors are hosting Web Browser Clinics. Come and find out how to properly configure your Internet Explorer or Netscape browser to use webforms and electronic mail links to input information and send messages.

This is another chance to see the World Wide Web in action, pick up information about accessing the web, and even join AFES and DCN on-line. Anyone that signs up with either of these services at the clinics will have their set-up fees waived. These clinics are public service events and free to all. The public is encouraged to bring disks to exchange for those with web browser and web editor software in addition to other software needed to access the Internet. For inquiries and further information please call Richard at 753-9750.

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