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Davis Club Members Attend Convention

Five members of the Davis Democratic Club recently attended the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Club President Bill Ritter, Dave and Lea Rosenberg, Christine Totah and College Democrats President Cinthia Hamner-Portugal all attended the quadrennial convention.
A highlight for Davis residents watching the convention on television —aside from Assemblymember Marguerite Archie-Hudson doing the “Macarena” dance—was a speech to conventioneers by Hamner-Portugal discussing higher education issues. Specifically, Hamner-Portugal spoke about the importance of the availability of student loans and the opportunity for all Americans to have access to higher education.
As a consequence of the prime seating location of the California delegation, television viewers were privileged to many camera shots featuring our Davis delegates.

From the President

Dear Fellow Davis Democrats:
The months of August and September were highly productive for our efforts to re-elect Clinton/Gore, Vic Fazio and elect Helen Thomson. Beginning with our grand opening on a host, humid Sunday in August, the Davis Democratic Headquarters has been a center of many campaign activities. Our voter registration drive and precinct captain program is going well and building the foundation of our get out the vote drive. Our many club members and new volunteers have maintained consistent office hours selling merchandise, registering voters and educating the public about our issues and candidates. In addition, our Davis Headquarters and volunteers have been a huge asset to Vic Fazio’s and Helen Thomson’s campaigns by assembling one mailer after another for them.
As the campaign heats up this thirty days we need everyone’s help. If you haven’t yet come down to volunteer, please do so, as we can use your help to make Tuesday, November 5, 1996, a great day for Democrats!
                                          Bill Ritter

Sushi and Sake with Helen Thomson

Picture of the Path The Path to Victory

The hottest political race in Yolo and Solano County is currently that for the California Assembley Seat of the 8th District. Visit 8th District Candidate, Helen Thomson's website. Here are some pictures from Helen's Sushi and Sake fundraiser held at Councilman Jerry Kaneko's home. This was a very well attended event as friends & supporters of Helen Thomson and friends & followers of Jerry Kaneko turned out.

Helen Thomson and Jerry Kaneko

Helen Thomson on the Path with Jerry Kaneko

High School Volunteers Make Signs For Clinton and Gore

Bill Ritter  with Volunteers Five Dixon and two Davis high school students assembled over 100 lawn signs for the local Clinton/Gore campaign effort. For their hardwork they were not only rewarded with a feeling of satisfaction that they participated in the electoral process, they were treated with food and drink at Woodstocks Pizza.

Bill Ritter shows volunteers how to put together lawn signs.

Famed Actor Stand-in Volunteers Time

Mark at the Post OfficeDo your recognize this man? He spent his weekends registering voters in the Davis Democrat voter drive at the Davis Main Post Office. It is people like him that make the democratic process work. Contribute; come on down to Davis Democratic Headquarters at 231 G Street and volunteer some time.


Helen Thomson, Candidate for the California Assembley, 8th District
California Democratic Party
Democratic National Committee

If you are interested in receiving more information about the Davis Democrat Club, click here to visit their website.

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