It Isn't Over Yet

Wednesday evening, July 9

Many people think that the vote on Richards Boulevard has addressed or solved the problem of Borders Book Shop. It hasn't. The citizens of Davis have spoken about Richards Boulevard underpass, but the City must still address the possiblility of a zoning limitation at Aggie Village development.

The Davis City Council, on July 9, will consider a challenge to the Planning Commision ruling on the projected traffic flow into Aggie Village (impact reported to be zero traffic).

Attend the Davis City Council meeting on July 9 to be informed about alledged flaws in the Aggie Village traffic and parking design. The Friends of Davis ask you to attend to show support for your position on this controversial issue and participate in the governing process. It is our town.

It is vitally important to the preservation of downtown Davis that the City place a limit of 10,000 square feet on downtown retail space (the April 9 issue). So, it is critical to the preservation of your community that you write or contact Davis City Council members to be heard.

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