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The Shakespeare Novels
by Coleman Thomas Randall

Who would have ever thought of Shakespeare as light reading? Yet here are his plays, complete, in an entirely new dimension, or even a new paradigm. For the novels present Shakespeare in an entirely new way, with plots, characters and motivations not only clearly delineated but still charged with the storytelling power of the greatest author of all time. "Notes" and synopses cannot touch the novels when it really comes to understanding all aspects of Shakespeare. While the plays were translated into novels principally for the student, first-time teacher, actor and play-goer, they are also aimed at the general reader long since finished with his or her schooling, as the novels are perfect for anyone with a burning ambition for a more complete knowledge of Shakespeare. Thanks to the novelization, anyone can read and thoroughly understand any play without resort to a course in English lit. There's positively no better way to learn Shakespeare, to know all the plays or to quickly become a credible critic!



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The Shakespeare Novels:
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Hamlet & All's Well that Ends Well 437pp 18.00 - 15% or 15.30.
King Lear & Cymbeline 527pp 18.00 - 15% or 15.30.
Macbeth & King John & Timon of Athens 553pp 18.00 - 15% or 15.30.
Romeo and Juliet & As You Like It & A Midsummer Night's Dream 413pp 18.00 - 15% or 15.30.
Merchant of Venice & Taming of the Shrew & Troilus & Cressida 491pp 16.00 - 15% or 13.60.
Merry Wives of Windsor & Comedy of Errors & Measure for Measure 535pp 16.00 - 15% or 13.60.
All other volumes (as published) 16.00 - 15% or 13.60.
All Hardback editions 25.00 - 10% or 22.50.

USEFUL BOOKS FOR SHAKESPEAREANS. Begin your basic library now with some of these indispensable volumes. While several might seem to overlap, they complement each other as their approach is quite different. And the price is right, as S&H is again included in price to US destinations. Softback unless otherwise noted. For further info on any particular book, use our form at the bottom of this page to get more information.

Arden Dictionary of Shakespeare Quotations.
3000 topical and well-indexed quotes from plays, sonnets and poems. 396pp.

ISBN 0174436467 12.95 - 10% or 11.65
Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets. Helen Vendler
All you could ever want to know about the Sonnets. The most thorough research on the subject. 672pp.

ISBN 0674637127 18.95 - 10% or 17.05
Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets. Helen Vendler
Hardback version of above, but with CD of author's absolutely superb reading of 65 sonnets. 672pp.

ISBN 0674637119 35.00 - 10% or 31.50
Dictionary of Quotations from Shakespeare.
A topical guide to over 3,000 great passages from the plays, sonnets and narrative poems. 368pp.

ISBN 0452011272 14.95 - 10% or 13.45
Everybody's Shakespeare: Reflections Chiefly on the Tragedies Maynard Mack
Superb insights, top Yale scholar. 179pp

ISBN 0180978611800 14.00 10% or 12.60
Penguin Shakespeare Dictionary
Indispensable details for the serious Shakespearean. Plots, characters, sources, essays, theater facts, then and now. 1000 entries. 232pp. Just great!

ISBN 014051421X 14.95 - 10% or 13.45
Shakespeare on Love Benjamin Darling
A profusely illustrated hardback, designed at the Blue Lantern Studio, Seattle. Flowers, candy and this little tome: An elegant gift for your lover. 87pp.

ISBN 0735201749 16.95 - 10% or 12.25
Shakespeare's English Kings Peter Saccio
Highly readable and informative. Between Shakespeare's dramatic license and our American lack of familiarity with English history, a must for the serious student. 304pp.

ISBN 0195123190 13.95 - 10% or 12.55
Shakespeare's Insults: Educating Your Wit
As much fun book as the title implies but well-organized with a serious side. Really quite ingenious and a book everyone raves about. 323 pp.

ISBN 0517885395 12.00 - 10% or 10.80
Shakespeare's Names: A New Pronouncing Dictionary.
A handy reference. Both International Phonetic Alphabet and simplified key to British and U.S., pronunciation. Neat book. User friendly. 360 pp.

ISBN 0896762157 22.50 - 0% or 22.50
(While they last. As my discount is only 5% I lose a few pennies by the time I mail it. Still, the book is too useful to omit)
Shakespeare on Love George Weinberg
B&W illustrations (11) . Neat little hardback, great browsing, well-known love quotes, nice gift. 85pp

ISBN 0312055145 9.95 - 10% or 8.96

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