Ann Meadowspring

Children's Story Writer


written by Ann Meadowspring

This is the story of baby Jack.
He went to Suzie's with a big brown sack.
In the sack was a blue balloon.
He blew it up to make a phuttt tune.

The sound was tremendously bold.

Five year old Suzie was bouncing her ball.
She liked to throw it against the wall.
She tried to catch it every time.
Sometimes she would sing in rhyme.

"...porridge, in the pot; nine days old."

When Jack saw Suzie, he forgot his toy.
He grabbed her ball and ran with joy.
Of course, now Suzie was real mad.
She knew that it was wrong to grab.

But Jack was only three years old.

He had her ball. That was not nice.
Suzie thought of Mom's advice.
Mom said, "Don't be mean and cruel
And don't forget the Golden Rule.

"Do unto others" says the rule of gold.

"Give my red ball back, Jack. Please?
It isn't very nice to tease."
When that didn't work, she started to yell,
"Drop that ball? I'm going to tell!"

Suzie kinda liked to scold.

Then she thought of the big brown sack.
The same one that belonged to Jack.
She reached in and got the blue balloon.
She blew it up and made a phuttt tune.

Jack had made it wet and cold.

Jack was shocked when he saw her play
With the blue balloon that he brought that day.
He dropped her ball.
"Waa Waa Waa," he bawled.

She waited till the crying slowed.

Suzie then returned Jack's balloon.
He smiled and made that phuttt tune.
She also showed him how to bounce the ball,
And the two played together by the sun warmed wall.

A friend like Suzie's good as gold.
the end

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