Journeys, the first collection of author Jo Beach, is an intense composite of both prose and poetry. Its about addiction and recovery; depression and the light at the end of the tunnel. Journeys was first publically released to a handful of listeners at a pre-dawn reading during Sacramento's Poetry Marathon in 1996. Now, prior to major release, this collection is being test marketed, and is currently only available here...Through the Internet.

As I Began...WelcomePiano Man
Prayers Of A SinnerSend MeLabels
H.E.L.P.Young QuestionsFrustrated Compulsive
PrioritiesTodayPurposeful Thinking
ChildThe Child Of God.Chemical Imbalance
The Man In The Orange HatI Remember...Pity Pot
GrowthOne Said You Are An AngelDancer
TheyThe Big JobGetting It Straight
False IdolsDetachedFelicity's Husband
Forever PrivateBroken EggsCyclone Thoughts Of A Crazy Drunk
Hello Long DistanceAnother 24.Bad Day
The Cleaver'sShhhOrgy Of Wrath
Traumatic Stress Syndrome Flashback -- Tertiary TypeDancing With The ShadowsCommunication
Instinct To SurviveThe StallionThe Emergence Of The Fairy Queen - Version 1
The Emergence Of The Fairy Queen - Version 2

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