Fighting in the South

February - June 1776

Around the same time, the patriots enjoyed success against the British in North and South Carolina.

General William Howe, a British officer, hoped to send soldiers by ship to the south to North Carolina. About 2,000 loyalists were to march to the seaport of Wilmington to join the British regements there.

Pattriots discovered the plan and on February 27, 1776 met the loyalists at Moore's Creek Bridge. The patriots took 850 prisoners, weapons, and wagons and a good amount of gold.

No loyalist troops remained to meet the British who landed at North Carolina in May. The enemy turned around and sailed to Charleston, South Carolina instead. The attack began in June, but the patriots were ready and began shelling the British fleet from Ft. Moultrie. The damaged ships left and sailed back to New York.

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