Gay and Lesbian Mormons
San Francisco Bay Area
(Former Chapter)

Last Updated 12/05/03

The official organized chapter (with elected leadership and regular meetings) disbanded in 2001,
due to a lack of need/participation by local chapter members.  

This website is maintained, however, by a former chapter member,
as a means to provide a point of contact to those individuals
looking for gay Mormon contacts in the San Francisco bay area.

December 2003 Update:  
While the original chapter with elected board has not been reinstated (and likely will not),
the group has been meeting informally semi-regularly thoughout 2003.  
There has been some renewed interest among newer people in the area,
and so meetings and activities have been being planned about once every two months or so.  
If you are interested in coming to an activity, contact one of the contacts below

San Francisco Contacts