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Unholy Ghost: Writers on Depression
by Nell Casey
Perennial; (January 8, 2002)
"A reader on melancholy," the editor calls this book: a collection of 22 modern essays about depression by writers (several well known) who know their subject intimately. Some face depression as a sudden interruption of a previously gratifying life; others have never known life without it. Their words wrestle to express their vision, their gloom, their attempts to cope, their interactions, their isolation, and, often, their reactions to medications. Some attempt to analyze their depression; others just want you to know what it's like. Besides the essays by writers who have experienced depression firsthand, editor Nell Casey (also a writer of one of the chapters) includes a few essays by their spouses and siblings about what it was like to live with a person suffering from depression.
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On the Edge of Darkness: Conversations about Conquering Depression.
by Kathy Cronkite
Doubleday: 1994.
"Individuals, including notables such as Kitty Dukakis, Rona Barrett, William Styron and Rod Steiger as well as significant others of persons with depression along with medical professionals, discuss various aspects of living with depression and its ripple effect." NAMI North Carolina Reading List

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What to Do When Someone You Love is Depressed. 
by Mitch Golant, Susan K Golant. 
Henry Holt, 1998.
"An excellent and helpful book for families dealing with clinical depression." NAMI North Carolina Reading List

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Undercurrents: A Therapistís Reckoning with Her Own Depression.
by Martha Manning
Harper Collins: 1995
"As a wife, mother, and psychotherapist, Manning led a very full life--until depression engulfed and overwhelmed her. She details her experience with electroshock therapy, the treatment that delivered her from the brink of suicide." NAMI North Carolina Reading List 
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The Noonday Demon
by Andrew Solomon
Scribner; (April 2002)
The Noonday Demon examines depression in personal, cultural, and scientific terms. Drawing on his own struggles with the illness and interviews with fellow sufferers, doctors and scientists, policy makers and politicians, drug designers and philosophers, Andrew Solomon reveals the subtle complexities and sheer agony of the disease. He confronts the challenge of defining the illness and describes the vast range of available medications, the efficacy of alternative treatments, and the impact the malady has on various demographic populations -- around the world and throughout history. He also explores the thorny patch of moral and ethical questions posed by emerging biological explanations for mental illness. With uncommon humanity, candor, wit, and erudition, award-winning author Solomon takes readers on a journey of incom-parable range and resonance into the most pervasive of family secrets. His contribution to our understanding not only of mental illness but also of the human condition is truly stunning. . Amazon Review

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The Beast: A Journey Through Depression. 
by Tracy Thompson
GP Putnam and Sons: 1996. 
"A dispassionate account of a lifelong battle to survive a mental illness, by a journalist who helped herself become well -- one step at a time." NAMI North Carolina Reading List

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