Labor Relations Experience

For over two decades, James Burchill & Associates (JBA Inc.) has provided award-winning, highly individualized public relations services throughout the West.

Our experience working with labor organizations is extensive; over 30 local unions from Northern California to Colorado have employed us. We work closely with these unions to ensure the recovery and advancement of their market share as well as promoting quality workmanship to client communities. 

In addition, James Burchill has 15 years of experience bringing together union interests with the refining industry. He also has far-reaching experience in project labor agreements, community analysis, governmental relations, crisis communication, and media relations.

With in-depth understanding of both land-use permitting policies and regional governmental entities. Using this knowledge, James Burchill has recruited supportive members of the business community to publicly support developments such as shopping centers and residential areas and facilitate communication between the developer and city government to ensure that key needs were met on both sides.

James Burchill & Associates has experience serving other clientele such as Silicon Valley-based industrial firms, regionally and nationally recognized hotels, real estate and commercial development firms, public power cooperatives, irrigation districts, and several Fortune 500 corporations.

With a team of researchers and extensive contacts in the professional and governmental communities for support, James Burchill provides specialized service to meet the demands of clients.

Below you will find case studies highlighting our work with labor organizations and industrial and mechanical contractors:

Improving the visibility of a trade organization

Background: A building trade organization whose jurisdiction covered northern California and Nevada had limited success using traditional methods in obtaining new contracts. This organization sought out James Burchill & Associates to assist in new marketing techniques and improve their visibility when recruiting new contractors.

Action: After examining several market niches, the organization and James Burchill thought it best to target the developers of commercial projects instead of individual contractors. However, the leaders of the organization had little or no experience communicating with this segment of the industry.

JBA, Inc. organized a daylong seminar for the association’s Business Managers and Agents to educate them on the real estate development process and “How to Think Like a Developer”. The goal of the seminar was to teach participants about land-use entitlements and the development financing process as well as help participants understand how to approach a developer and sell them on using union labor. JBA Inc., brought in several experts to supplement this material by covering key subjects such as California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) mandates, site selection criteria, cost analysis and financing options, and the influence of local politics on the entitlement process.

Results: Nearly 30 local Business Mangers and Agents participated in the seminar. The group rated that the information provided was extremely informative and helpful in gaining new contracts.

Putting a State-of-the-Art Training Facility on the Map

Background: An association of labor and construction contractors based in the high-tech industry of Silicon Valley had difficulties getting the word out about their abilities. Few people outside of their industry equated union labor with high technology. However, their training facility was state-of-the-art, and a model for facilities around the world.

JBA Inc., was hired to generate media interest surrounding the training center in hopes of reversing people’s perception about high tech unions as well as developing awareness of the union.

Action: Faced with skeptical journalists, James Burchill & Associates utilized media research to target the best time and most effective way to pitch stories. JBA associates then worked closely with media contacts to ensure proper placement of articles.

Results: A front-page Business section column by the business editor with full-color photo in a Sunday edition of the San Jose Mercury News, a television news report spotlighting the Training Center, and numerous articles on a disabled graduate of the Center. The Mercury News column was then used as a marketing tool by the union when pursuing new contracts.

Targeted Market Research

Background: A large group of industrial and mechanical contractors of various sizes and specialties where having difficulty finding and developing potential customers. JBA Inc., was hired by these companies to assist them in marketing and finding new potential clients.

Action: Through market research, James Burchill & Associates identified potential clients in several different market segments in a highly populated two-county area. This information was compiled into directories for each market segment including electronics and biotech industries, hospital and medical facilities, schools and school districts, state and federal building, and real estate development firms. JBA Inc. facilitated contact between the potential clients and the group of industrial and mechanical contractors.

Results: Copies of the directories JBA Inc. created were made available at no cost to member contractors to use in the individual marketing efforts.

As the existence of these directories became known in other regions, similar groups contracted with JBA Inc. to produce directories for other geographic areas and industries. The directories have proven very helpful to the contractors, and some have requested periodic updates for their associations.

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