James Burchill & Associates, Inc. (JBA) specializes in facilitating communication between our clients and their communities, business partners, governments, and potential opponents in order to achieve their goals.  Having developed our expertise by serving a variety of organizations, projects, and campaigns for nearly thirty years, JBA’s client list now focuses on development firms, oil companies/refineries, labor organizations, and renewable energy projects.  Although varied in their industry JBA’s clients have all received expert advice that helped them solve their problems and reach their goals.

Entitlement can be long and confusing, especially to those that are unfamiliar with it. Many projects have stalled or cancelled during this potentially disastrous period. James Burchill and Associates has an extensive history of entitlement work is familiar with the various subtleties and potential pitfalls. Using JBA’s expertise can not only speed this process along but help push it through bureaucratic tape and public opinion disasters. Contacts within the public, private, and union sectors allows JBA to well up support for your project and help avoid stepping on anybody’s toes. It would be a mistake to do as so many other developers have and underestimate possible problems and opponents.

James Burchill & Assosciates will:

  • Guide your project through the steps of the entitlement process
  • Shore up support with political, labor and public groups
  • Help you avoid potential pitfalls
  • Cultivate a positive public image of your project

Too often does the government communicate poorly with those that it serves and makes regulation that is ineffective or even detrimental. James Burchill and Associates, Inc will help your organization communicate its needs and relay them to government. By employing long-standing relationships with regional and state political leaders and agencies, insider knowledge of local and state government, and three decades of experience, we help our clients successfully navigate the political process and reach their goals.

James Burchill & Associates will:

  • Identify allies and opponents to our clients’ project or issue
  • Analyze the existing political environment and assess project feasibility
  • Define and implement a strategic governmental relations strategy
  • Provide quick access to policy and decision makers

James Burchill & Associates provides:

  • A familiarity with policies and requirements at all both local and state levels
  • A clear understanding of agency procedures
  • Specific knowledge of the network of decision-makers and their staff

Community Relations
Corporations and developers must have a thorough understanding of the community they work in and build community support for their activities and plans in order to be successful. Increasingly, we see projects that fail to garner support because its goals are misinterpreted or organizations fail to heed public opinion. James Burchill & Associates specializes in preparing clients to deal with the subtle nuances and dynamics of the communities in which they are working. James Burchill and Associates is uniquely prepared to handle community relations because of its established connections with contacts throughout the local community.

James Burchill & Associates will:

  • Identify key inter-relationships within and between neighborhood, community, and local government interest groups
  • Bring our clients together with the appropriate business leaders, elected officials, and other community members to foster relationships that work toward their goals
  • Study voting records and trends
  • Research and analyze growth trends and issues
  • Create and implement community educational campaigns

Labor Relations
Relying on our intimate knowledge of the needs and objectives of organized labor, James Burchill & Associates, Inc. acts as a “marriage broker” between our clients and the labor organizations in their communities, allowing each party to effectively participate in the project at hand and meet their goals. JBA has long standing relationships with both labor unions and those that extensively use organized labor. This experience gives JBA the distinct ability of understanding the needs of both parties and delivering a product that is beneficial to everyone involved. JBA has a long standing history of dealing with the creation of project labor agreements, labor availability studies, and market recovery. Regardless of whether your organization represents the interests of unions or the users of union labor, JBA can provide an invaluable service and help you reach your project goal. To learn more please click here.

James Burchill & Associates will:

  • Facilitate communication between developers, corporations and labor leaders
  • Provide labor availability analyses and suggest appropriate divisions of labor between union and non-union workers for each project
  • Assist in the negotiation and approval of project labor agreements
  • Provide services for market recovery

Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation
As global warming becomes a certainty in our future, James Burchill & Associates, Inc. shows initiative in developing alternative energy sources as viable options to replace and/or lessen the focused use of fossil fuels in local county and city communities. While technology is working to develop efficient alternatives such as solar, wind, and biomass power, local government has yet to embrace these innovations. Energy conservation is also an option when it comes to reducing emissions as well as, energy bills. When California was struck with rolling blackouts and astronomical bills just a few years ago, conservation was on everyone’s lips. We are intent on not letting that importance fade away along with the heat of the summer. That is why JBA worked on pilot programs that educate lower-income and English as a Second Language (ESL) families on how easy it is to cut power usage and save money. James Burchill and Associates’ unique personnel structure allows us to be highly adaptive and constantly up to date, which is exactly what is needed in this quickly changing industry. Our dedicated research staff is on the pulse of the most recent breakthroughs and passes that information on to be utilized by Jim Burchill and our experienced consultants. James Burchill and Associates can employ the latest data and remain flexible, allowing us to provide the best quality services to our clients.

James Burchill & Associates will:

  • Facilitate communication between developers of renewable energy
  • Educate the public about the benefits of renewable energy and energy conservation
  • Garner local and state support for renewable energy projects
  • Remain up to date in emerging technology and trends in the industry

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