"Extra-Terrestrial Impact Preserve"

(text on plaque at site)

On Monday, December 6th, 2004, at approximately 4:38 a.m., a "flying saucer" crash landed on this site at the northwest corner of Arroyo Park, in Davis, CA (38.555° N / 121.775° W).

The "saucer" remains as it landed, partially buried from impact; settled on the ground; tilted at a shallow angle. Its origins are unknown.

The "saucer" is over sixteen feet in diameter. It has a mostly smooth, rock-like, mottled, rusty red-brown surface, with numerous small pockmarked impact craters, scrathes, scrapes and burn marks, likely from its long voyage and the friction of atmospheric entry. There is a small spherical lens at the top center of the "saucer's"dome , which peered into, seems to show a red rock floating in space. There is an as yet undeciphered script etched around the "saucer's" circumference. No other features or openings seem to exist. There are no detectable signs of life.

The "saucer" and surrounding grounds have been extensively monitored and are determined to be completely safe. It has been decided that the "saucer" will remain and be protected as it landed. The site, which has been carefully re-landscaped, may be visited and enjoyed by children and adults, without concern. Vandalism and site violations will be prosecuted.

This site has been designated an official Extra-Terrestrial Impact Preserve (ETIP).