A few projects.















Arts & Crafts style bedroom set.  Bed, lamps and nightstands.  The first two were right off the drawings; but I designed the nightstands from a combination of two different plans.
























A & C bookcase from several years ago.  I love the glass front and the narrow inlaid strips.




















When the floor plan of my house changed, a hall closet was eliminated, so I built this coat rack for the front hall
























Mostly I wanted something to put my feet up on while reading or watching the tube.  Who could resist an Arts & Craft design with so many little slats.





























The old dining table had survived many years and one blizzard, and it was time to retire it.  I built this set from plans, and have still to make a few more chairs.

















































Another design stolen from Norm.  The brace is called a "corbel", and uses mortise and tenon joints to support it.




















A Plans Now.com computer desk with return.  Challenging, but an excellent design.  I really like the keyboard slide.




















A glass-sided curio cabinet with glass shelves, I made for my daughter, whom I also made, in a manner of speaking.  She quickly filled it up with crap--er--curios.




















A fly fishing cabinet for myself.  A rod closet on the left, another closet on the right for hanging vests, etc., 3 small drawers and 1 really large one for the float tube.
















Norm's design for an English Garden Bench.  I made mine out of redwood, and it's surprisingly comfortable.


















Trinity has outgrown the four-drawer dresser I made

 for her when she was born.  I found this nine-drawer

dresser design at Plans Now.  The frame and dividers

are all plywood, and man, is it heavy.




















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