The front of the house received new cedar siding, bay window, door, garage door, and some landscaping.

At the rear of the house, you can see a brand-new window on the upper right (that's in the master bedroom), a french door, a garden window for the kitchen, and the slider was also replaced.  I put up all the trim pieces.  Notice also, a new roof.  The concrete slab patio is now gone, and a redwood replacement is in progress in front of the slider.

Looking in the front door.  The stairs replace the hallway back into the kitchen, and the living room was expanded to fill the space formerly occupied by the stairs.  The small living room was isolated from the kitchen; but the walls came down and now those two rooms are one large, L-shaped space.

The kitchen received a new "garden" window, and was otherwise completely refurbished with cabinets, tile floor, and a granite countertop.

What you can't see in this view of the living room is that the floor used to be sunken.  It was filled, and wood flooring covers it all.  You can see the bay window, and how the wall on the right is now missing.  Speaking of which, a large 4x12" beam has taken its place, in order to support the weight of the upstairs.

In the master bedroom, upstairs, the walk-in closet on the right went away (out of sight, on the right, in the new version), and the bathroom was reframed, to include a glass block enclosed walk-in shower.  The little window didn't change.

Back outside, there used to be a sort of rabbit hutch/shed.  It's been replaced by a pad of 12" pavers, and the grape vine has been trained to an arbor (it's very productive, by the way.)

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