Dave's CDs
Candy Shower

Track List:

1. Candy Shower
2. Waiting for a Sign
3. Descartes in Amsterdam
4. Dry River Valley

5. Without a Compass
6. Not What I Expected
7. Little Visitor
8. Firewoman's Daughter
9. Postcard to Stan
10. Kindred Spirits
11. Play All Night
12. Shenendoah/The Water is Wide

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Snapshots (Live)

Track List:

1. Introduction
2. Square Peg Blues
3. A Cautionary Tale (Fender)
4. Memory
5. I'm From Nowhere
6. Civilization and Its Discontents
7. Battle Scars
8. O'Carolan's Draught/Inside Connection
9. El Niño
10. Wash us Clean
11. Cactus Juice
12. RL
13. Thing of Beauty
14. Waiting For the Light to Change
15. This Little Light of Mine

Lyric Sheet

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Sound Samples

In addition to Dave on vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, accordian, viola and piano, bass and percussion,  the album features Jeff Simons (bass), Joe Craven (percussion, mandolin, fiddle), Rick Lotter (drums), Erik Kleven (bass), and Al Vasquez (percussion), plus Alice Stuart, Prune Rooney and Natalie Cortez (Backing vocals).
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