is Dave Nachmanoff's second CD release,
recorded live at the Palms Playhouse, Davis,
California on April 4th 1998, and released by
Troubadour Records in August 1998.

See below for track listing and some .wav
sound samples

The full LYRIC SHEET is also available.

Note that the samples have been compressed to reduce the download time:
the sound quality in no way reflects the original recordings!
  1. Introduction
  2. Square Peg Blues
  3. A Cautionary Tale (Fender)
  4. Memory
  5. I'm From Nowhere [55 sec. wav sample, 600 KB]
  6. Civilization and Its Discontents
  7. Battle Scars [35 sec. wav sample, 380 KB]
  8. O Carolan's Draught/Inside Connection [25 sec. wav sample, 265 KB]
  9. El Niño
  10. Wash Us Clean
  11. Cactus Juice
  12. RL [37 sec. wav sample, 400 KB]
  13. Thing of Beauty [64 sec.KB wav sample, 700 KB]
  14. Waiting for the Light to Change
  15. This Little Light of Mine

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