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Short Quotes:

Heartfelt, inspired songwriting…with a delivery both biting and assured.” - Paul Zollo, SingOut! Magazine

“Blending of beautiful lyrics with an equally gorgeous melody…infectious.”  - Andy Susman, Broward Folk Club News (4-99)

“Dave’s wit presents itself gently enough for everyone to understand, yet with a not-so-subtle sophistication that allows you to process it at your own pace."”- David Meyers, The Davis Enterprise/Winters Express (9-3-98)

“Nachmanoff has a real knack for delivering a tune with an acoustic style that’s somewhere between the easy-going charm of Arlo Guthrie and the raw energy of Bruce Springsteen” - David Meyers, The Davis Enterprise

“The thing that first struck me about this group (Dave Nachmanoff performing with Bob Malone, Keith Greeninger, and Jay Howlett), besides their fine musicianship, was that for the first time in years, it seems, I heard new performing songwriters who were also real poets, whose lines stood out for themselves and not just a rhyming facade for the music line… This was Pacifica’s own Woodstock Festival and each of the four could have filled the house by himself.” - Anna Boothe, Pacifica Tribune (10-27-99)

Comments from the Hosts:
“Dave drew the listeners into his world, and on a very warm night, made it easy (for us, at least) to forget about the heat.  Dave invited the audience to sing along on many songs, and unlike some concert experiences, it really felt as if we were a family greeting each with song.”  - Henry Lefkowitz, House Concert Participant, Baltimore, MD

“It was an honor to host Dave in our own home…Our friends have been coming up to us, telling us how much they loved the evening and that we should be doing more of this (house concerts) in our little town of State College.  If you’ve ever thought of hosting a house concert, you can’t go wrong with Dave!”  - John Gardner, House Concert Host, State College, PA
What you can expect of Dave:
“Dave rolled into town (via Boston, NY and Milesbug, PA) at about 5:00 PM, had enough time to shower, check out the preparations and grab a quick meal before guests started arriving.  We had advertised with flyers, e-mail, and personal invitations.  In all, we had about 30 people at the concert and it felt like a packed house.” - John Gardner, House Concert Host, State College, PA

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Articles and Reviews

 Reviews of Dave's CDs:
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Candy Shower (1997)  - Craig Usher

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Candy Shower (1997) - Paul Zollo

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of  Snapshots (1998)
David Meyer
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 Andy Susman


Reviews of Dave's live performances
and workshops:

House Concert in State College, PA
(1998) John Gardner

Palms Public Playhouse in Davis, CA
(1998) Bob Baker

Borders Books in San Rafael, CA
(1997) Bob Baker

Folk Alliance showcase in Albuquerque, NM
(1999) Henry Lefkowitz

University of Wisconsin, River Falls

Interviews and articles:

Davis Enterprise (1998)  - David Meyer

Davis Enterprise - Front page of Weekend
Section (1999) David Meyer

New York Times - Front page (1999)
Neil Strauss

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