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Photo of  Elisabeth Sherwin at Sac Reads 1997 Elisabeth Sherwin (right) visits
the Authors Signing Pavilion
at the 1997 Sacramento Reads. Ry

Elisabeth's photo enhanced coverage of the Mystery Authors Panel with four mystery writers: Keith Snyder, Ray Peters, Thom Elkjer and Michael Collins can be found in "Four mystery writers introduced at Sacto Reads"
the November 9, 1997, PRINTED MATTER column.
Photos and captions by Ry

[ "Giant Bones" is on Elisabeth Sherwin's List of Best Books, the 1997 compilation ]

Picture of Peter Beagle before Dancing With God Peter S. Beagle is the author of
"Giant Bones"
( Roc, 1997, $9.95)
"The Innkeeper's Song" and
"The Last Unicorn"

Elisabeth Sherwin interviews Peter Beagle in
"'Giant Bones' marks Beagle's return to a familiar fantasy land,"
the September 21, 1997 Printed Matter column.

Photo -- G. Richard Yamagata
Taken at Beagle's September 1997 reading at
The Next Chapter bookstore in Davis, CA

Picture of Professor Peter Hays UCDavis English Professor
Peter Hays is a
published authority on
the works of Robert Frost.

Elisabeth Sherwin interviews Peter Hays in
"Pay a return visit to the works of poet Robert Frost,"
the August 31, 1997 Printed Matter column.

Photo -- Courtesy

John Boe Portrait John Boe is the author of the essay collection,
"Life Itself: Messiness Is Next to Goddessness,"
and "The Gambler's God" and
"Papa was a Gamblin' Man"
in the literary journal, Oxymoron (issue 1, 1979).

Elisabeth Sherwin interviews John Boe in
"New literary journal includes works by Boe,"
the July 20, 1997 Printed Matter column.

Photo -- Courtesy

Ursula LeGuin thumbnail Portraint Ursula K. LeGuin is the author of
"Four Ways to Forgiveness"
305 pages, $5.99
HarperPrism, 1995
and can be found in
"Nebula Awards 31: The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year"
Edited by Pamela Sargent
331 pages, $13
Harvest, 1997

Elisabeth Sherwin writes about Ursula Leguin in "Meet the high priestess of science fiction,"
the July 27, 1997 Printed Matter column.

Photo -- Courtesy

Tom Sylvester standing by his plane Tom Sylvester is the author of
the Techno-Thrillers
"Descent" and
"The Hohmann Transfer"
(latter soon to be published).

Elisabeth Sherwin interviews Tom Sylvester in
"Keep an eye on this pilot/novelist, wannabe astronaut,"
the July 13, 1997 Printed Matter column.

Photo -- Courtesy

Blood Will Tell bookcover "Blood Will Tell"
By Terris McMahan Grimes
262 pages
Signet paperback, 1997

Elisabeth Sherwin interviews Terris McMahan Grimes
and reviews her book in
"Grimes' second mystery novel is a winner,"
the June 22, 1997 Printed Matter column.

Coverscan -- Courtesy Grimes and Pribish

David Robertson Portrait

David Robertson is the author of
"Real Matter"
published by
University of Utah Press.

Elisabeth Sherwin interviews David Robertson
and reviews his book in
"Robertson writes about Yosemite, its literary trails,"
the June 8, 1997 Printed Matter column.

Photo -- Courtesy

Carol Bowman Portrait Carol Bowman is the author of
"Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child"
published by Bantam Books, 1997.

Elisabeth Sherwin interviews Carol Bowman
and reviews her book in
"Bowman's book explores children's past lives,"
the April 27, 1997 Printed Matter column.

Photo -- Courtesy

Jean Hegland Portrait Jean Hegland is the author of "Into the Forest" published by Calyx Press and to be re-released as hardcover by Bantam Books, September 1997.

Elisabeth Sherwin says "'Into the Forest' gets an unqualified rave review" in her March 2, 1997 column and interviews Jean Hegland in "Hegland's overnight success took about five years," her March 23, 1997 column.

Photo -- Courtesy

[ "Into the Forest" is on Elisabeth Sherwin's List of Best Books, the 1997 compilation ]

Visitors examine the amphitheater floor of the Globe Theatre as it undergoes reconstruction.

Elisabeth Sherwin's first Travel Log column "Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is popular with international tourists" addresses all aspects of The Globe Theatre. Posted on the web March 18, 1997 .

Photo by Elisabeth Sherwin

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