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Photo of  Mr. RivlinOakland, Calif., journalist Gary Rivlin
is the author of "Drive-By" published by Holt.

Elisabeth Sherwin's interview
with Gary Rivlin can be found in
'''Drive-By' describes life on mean
streets of inner-city Oakland"
the November 26, 1995,

Photo of  Mr. WolffTobias Wolff signs copies of "In Pharaoh's Army" at Black Oak Books in Berkeley, CA., November 1995

Elisabeth Sherwin's interview
with Tobias Wolff can be found in
"Recommendations for holiday reading or gift-giving"
the December 3, 1995,

Photo of  Mr. GutersonDavid Guterson is the author of "Snow Falling on Cedars"
(Vintage, 1995)

Elisabeth Sherwin's interview
with David Guterson can
be found in "New writer thanks
Harper Lee for leading way,"
the November 12, 1995,

Photo credit: Jill Sabella

Book IllustrationThis illustration is by The New Yorker cartoonist
George Booth from the children's book by April
Halprin Wayland
entitled "It's Not My Turn to
Look for Grandma!" (Knopf, 1995, $15).

Elisabeth Sherwin's interview
with April Halprin Wayland can
be found in "Want an easy job?
Don't write books for children,"
the September 3, 1995,

Book Cover  Picture Yan Nascimbene is the
author-illustrator of "DAY IN SEPTEMBER" published
by Harcourt Brace,
1995/32 pp/$17.00

Elisabeth Sherwin's interview
with Mr. Nascimbene can
be found in "International
illustrator pours childhood soul
into books," the August 20,

John Lescroart Picture John Lescroart is the author of "A Certain Justice"
published by Donald I. Fine, 1995/448 pp/$22.95

Elisabeth Sherwin's interview with Mr. Lescroart can
be found in "'Certain Justice' breakthrough book for
Davis writer," the August 6, 1995, PRINTED
MATTER column. Other columns concerning Mr. Lescroart are: "Mystery writers meet at Sacramento book fair" (11/8/95) and "Academics say California mysteries mirror society" (12/10/95)

The Gibbs Lorretta and Don Gibbs in Davis, June 1995, shortly before leaving for Beijing.

The corresponding article for this photo is "Coming Home Crazy describes adventures in China," which ran in the Davis (Calif.) Enterprise on June 25, 1995.

The Guys
Visiting UC Davis in April 1995 at a conference on Vietnam Legacies were three famous writers: From left, Larry Heinemann ("Paco's Story"), Tim O'Brien ("The Things They Carried") and poet Bruce Weigl ("The Song of Napalm").

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