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In August 2010, the author began phasing out his Gualala work and embarking on another long-time dream--flying his own airplane. Flight lessons began in a light-sport airplane made in Europe called a Sting Sport (see photo below, [click on it to enlarge]).
picture of Author DR DeHaven's plane, a Sting Sport

In November 2011, he bought his own Sting Sport and continued training with an instructor. Finally, on June 2, 2011, at age 66, he took and passed the FAA exams (oral and flight) to obtain his "ticket," a Light-Sport Airmen's License. Incredibly, his FAA Examiner that day, Louis B. Fields, was 88-years-old (see photo below, [click on it to enlarge]); when Louis flew his own little airplane in that day for the testing, he had already logged over 30,000 hours as a pilot.
Picture of Author DR DeHaven's test flight with instructor

That makes the author's 600 hours in his Sting Sport over the past year seem rather insignificant, to say the least. Nevertheless, he's having lots of fun, as his YouTube videos will attest http://www.youtube.com/user/9162069934?feature=mhee


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