About us

In 1911, Davis's first library building was constructed and furnished by public subscription under the direction of the Davis Bachelor Girls. Located at 117 F Street. It served as the first branch of the Yolo County Free Library and operated until May 1969. After the present Davis Branch of the Yolo County Library was built on 14th Street, the historic building was sold to the City of Davis and used for various community purposes. In 1988 the building was moved to its present location and restored by the City of Davis.

One of the Bachelor Girls

Hattie (Harriet Elisha) Weber was the first paid librarian in Davisville. In 1906 she began volunteering as librarian of the Davisville Free Library, then housed in the Buena Vista Hotel. On November 17, 1910 she began receiving a salary as librarian when the Davisville Free Library became the first branch of the Yolo County Free Library. She saw the library grow from a circulation of 200 books in 1906 to a circulation of 23,144 books in 1953 when she retired after a long rewarding career. Known as Miss Hattie by young and old alike, she was always helpful in teaching youngsters to read. Read more....

Volunteer Staff

  • Co-directors: John Cain and Merrily Dupree
  • Director Emeritus: Dennis Dingemans
  • Marketing Coodrinator: Aaron Wedra
  • Content Creators: Lulu Zhang
  • Digitizing Project Director: Breanne Weber
  • Past Directors:
    • Dennis Dingemans (2012-21)
    • Jim Becket (2009-12)
    • Phyllis Wilbur Marden Haig (Founding 1992 to 2009)