LOCATION: 445 C Street, Davis, CA 95616-4102 (northeast corner of Central Park)

CONTACT: 530-758-5637, email: hattieweber@yahoo.com

HOURS: Wednesday & Saturday, 10 AM - 4 PM, Admission free, donations welcome.

The Hattie Weber Museum features exhibits depicting the history and heritage of Davis, California, and the surrounding area.

Current Exhibit

Permanent Exhibits

  • Native Americans in Yolo
  • Jerome Davis Ranch
  • History of the library and Hattie Weber
  • Coming of the railroad 1868
  • Coming of UC Davis 1906
  • Twenty historic panels
  • History of the Davis Library

Thanks to John Chiles, John Movius, Steve McMahon, Yolo County Historical Society, and the Davis Virtual Market for early assistance.



In June we learned that no contractor had bid on our project to renovate the 1936/37 “Old Restroom” in Central Park. It wasn’t a big surprise, we knew that we are in the midst of a building boom and our project was pegged to cost less than $45,000. The possible good news, however, is that City Staff believe the way has been cleared to bypass the bidding process and negotiate directly with a qualified contractor, perhaps also dividing the project into separate and “easily doable” parts. The saga that began in 2012 when the concept of gaining a conveniently nearby storage facility occurred to us continues.

Operated by the Yolo County Historical Society for the City of Davis